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Tomcat 3.3-m4
date: 2001/06/25 15:51
The latest milleninum release before beta step:

The fourth milestone release of Tomcat 3.3 is available for download
and testing. As a Tomcat 3.x release, it remains an implementation
of the Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 specifications.

The Milestone 4 release offers bug fixes over Milestone 3, primarily
in the area of decoding. Also, included in this release is the
first round of jasper refactoring, known as Jasper34, that is going
on in jakarta-tomcat-jasper. Refer to the "readme" file for details
on how to try it out.

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Xerces-j 1.4.1 released
date: 2001/06/25 15:50
Xerces-J 1.4.1 is now available. As well as myriad bugfixes of all kinds, especially to our W3C schema implementation, this release contains:

- support for all IANA encoding aliases which have a clear mapping to
encodings recognized by Java
- fixes for degradations in DTD validation performance caused by the schema
- support for setAttribute/getAttribute in JAXP
- two new parser properties permitting an application writer to associate
schema documents with specific namespaces without relying on instance

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Log4j-1.1.3 released
date: 2001/06/25 15:50
Some bugs fixes

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Xerces-c 1.5.0 released
date: 2001/06/18 17:27
This is to announce the much awaited release Xerces C 1.5.0 which brings
Schema Subset Support to Xerces-C!

Highlights of this version:
- Schema Subset Support (see http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/schema.html for list of supported features).
- Mac OS X command line configuration and build support
- Enabled libWWW NetAccessor support under UNIX.
- Enabled COMPAQ Tru64 UNIX machines to build xerces-c with gcc
- Updated support for SCO UnixWare 7 (gcc)
- Experimental IDOM
- Support for ICU 1.8
- Documentation in PDF format
- Plus many Bug fixes and performance improvement

See http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/index.html for details.

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Jtopen 2.0.3 spec only released
date: 2001/06/18 17:26
This one didn't came from Apache but from IBM OSS (OpenSource) and it's a set of APIs to play with your AS/400.
I can't make a binary RPM of jtopen (regulation and others dreaded reasons). But you'll find here the .spec file which will allow you to rebuilt a binary RPM.

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